September 17, 2014 Dr. Derek Straffon

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

On August 22nd Straffon Orthodontics took part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We were excited to be joined by our families and awesome patients for this wonderful cause. The water was super cold but we all would all be happy to do it again. For those of you that were not able to attend, don’t worry, you can watch the video below.

With all the internet buzz about the challenge, many people don’t really know what ALS is or how the association works.

ALS, was thrust into the national spotlight for the first time nearly 74 years ago by Major League Baseball Hall of Fame legend Lou Gehrig following his New Your Yankee’s farewell speech. Lou Gehrig publicly battled the disease which now bears his name throughout his career, by doing so he helped spotlight a disease that back then had very little treatments.

(ALS) Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis causes muscle weakness throughout the body. As the weakening and paralysis continue to spread to the muscles of the trunk of the body the disease, eventually affects speech, swallowing, chewing and breathing. When the breathing muscles become affected, ultimately, the patient will need permanent ventilator support in order to survive.

The ALS Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to global research programs focused on the treatment and a cure for Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The association also provides a network of care services to assist people with ALS and their families throughout the nation.

To date the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raise over $113.3 MILLON dollars in donations!

Straffon Orthodontics was proud to help raise awareness and donate to such a great cause. For more information on ALS and where you can donate, please visit

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