February 23, 2015 Dr. Derek Straffon

February Is National Childrens’ Health Month


The entire month of February is dedicated to raising awareness to children’s dental health issues. As many of us are aware of the importance of regular brushing, many are not aware of the severe health risks that are associated with poor dental health. Health issues such as periodontal disease, heart, liver and kidney problems are just a few. Poor oral care has also been linked to shortened lifespans.

The ADA recommends that children be seen by a licensed dentist no later then their first birthday or earlier if the child is teething. Starting children off on a good oral routine at an early age not only helps to prevent health issues, it builds positive dental experiences. The number one reason most adults avoid the dentist is anxiety.

February is the perfect time to schedule a dental examination. Your family or pediatric dentist will evaluated your child’s mouth for habits such as thumb or finger sucking, jaw development, mouth breathing issues and cavities. Your child will also receive a cleaning, x-rays, fluoride as well as proper brushing instructions.

Simple changes to a child’s diet can make a big difference. Choose water or milk over sugary sodas. Avoid sports drinks as well as fruit juices to help cut the risk of cavities. Eating fruits and vegetables verses candies or cookies for a snack not only help with oral health but promote good overall health. Creating a brushing chart for small children helps make brushing fun!

Dr. Straffon’s has a passion for educating children on proper oral hygiene, so once again this year he is proud to offer brushing seminars to local grade schools. If you would like the Straffon Team to visit your child’s school, please contact Wendy at our practice to learn more.

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