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With over 4,000 beaming smiles transformed since 2004, we have received numerous Straffon Orthodontics reviews praising our friendly atmosphere and state-of-the-art orthodontic treatments. Take a look at what our patients have to say about their experiences at our Denver, CO, orthodontic office!

We regard Dr. Straffon’s work so highly Tristan flew as a unaccompanied minor from the U.K. every 8 weeks just to see him! We originally consulted an orthodontist in England who’s plan was to pull 4 of my sons adult teeth ‘for spacing’ (!!!!) We’ve all heard the jokes about British dentistry….but as you can tell, there’s real truth to them! In Colorado for a Ski trip we were referred to Dr. Straffon for a second opinion by Dr. Barron in Baltimore – another Damon bracket practitioner. We have had an excellent experience here – with the staff going out of their way to accommodate us, twice even opening the office outside of normal hours and always being friendly, kind and professional. The result speaks for itself – a beautiful smile, comfortable treatment completed on schedule and he kept those four teeth! Very highly recommended.*
-Tim T.

I couldn’t be happier with my choice to work with Straffon Orthodontics! Starting orthodontic treatment as an adult was a scary and intimidating decision, but I am so grateful for Dr. Straffon and his amazing team. From day 1 they were extremely kind, personable, and welcoming. Part of the treatment I chose included double jaw surgery, and Dr. Straffon referred me to a wonderful surgeon and was very active in my surgery prep and recovery. He took his time to answer all my questions and make sure I was comfortable. And most importantly, Dr. Straffon has an amazing eye for detail. I’ve had my braces off for four days and am still in awe of what he did to my teeth! They are perfect and way beyond what I thought was possible. I’ve already received so many compliments on my new smile and find myself constantly looking in the mirror in disbelief. I can’t thank Dr. Straffon and his team enough for transforming my smile!*
-Emily W.

What an amazing group of people!! I spent years in different dentist offices trying to get my teeth fixed. Dr. Straffon came highly recommended by my current dentist. I’m so grateful for the time and effort Dr. Straffon and his team spent on my beautiful smile. From the first day to the last day his staff made me feel comfortable and important. My teeth are completely transformed and I can’t stop smiling! I can’t describe the emotion that came over me today when I got to see my teeth for the first time after the braces were removed. Even then Dr. Straffon wiped my tears and made me feel like I was worth his time. Watching him and the staff interact with all age groups always made me feel comfortable and in good hands! I highly recommend Dr. Straffon and his team to everyone who is in need of a dental transformation. There is no one better for the job!! Thank you again Dr. Straffon and Staff!! *
-Cristin V.

I wish I could give them 10 ⭐ I am an adult in braces and I have 2 teens in braces and our experience could not be better. I searched around looking for the right orthodontist after some prior negative experiences and we found it at Straffon Orthodontics!!!!!The staff is so kind and friendly. I think as an adult, we actually need more hand holding, and they have always always always accommodated my needs 😉 Dr. Straffon is highly educated and is up to date on the state of the art orthodontics. He is also very friendly, kind and patient. You can feel confident you are in good hands.We highly recommend Straffon Orthodontics and are excited to see our smiles when we are done!!! *
-Regina K.

Dr Straffon is so kind and knowledgeable. He has state of the art equipment and continually updates his practice with the most current, research proven techniques. He is recognized nationally in his field and holds himself to the highest standard of professionalism. These are probably the reasons he is a 5280 top doctor. While all of these things gave us confidence in beginning treatment with him, we ultimately were looking for an orthodontist that was personable, approachable and would take the needed time to help us understand the phases of treatment . Dr. Straffon and his staff are all of these things. We completed treatment recently and couldn’t be more pleased with our experience at Straffon Orthodontics! *
-Carmen H.

Dr Straffon and his team are incredibly caring and professional, we felt more than welcome from the first day we came in and met with Lisa. They’ve always tried to make the process of having both braces and invisilign as easy as possible, explaining every step along the way. They’ve always gone above and beyond, even when I was headed out of town at the end of my treatment, they made sure my new retainers were finished before! Now everywhere I go, I get the greatest compliments on my perfect smile!! Thank you to Dr Straffon and his team!! We definitely recommend you for both braces and Invisalign treatment! Thank you so much! *
-Kassie F.

I have used Straffon Orthodontics for both of my teenage children, and myself. They are THE BEST!!! My son’s case was very tricky, as he had knocked out his two front permanent teeth at age 9, and by 12 the dead teeth finally failed and had to be removed. Dr. Straffon was very creative and compassionate to ensure he never had to face middle school without teeth. The early office hours are excellent to avoid missing school, and the staff are super friendly, flexible, skilled and knowledgeable. Dr. Straffon is an artist, and I wholeheartedly recommend this practice to everyone. I couldn’t be more happy with our three gorgeous smiles. Thank you Straffon Orthodontics! *
-Liz W.

Dr Straffon is the BEST. His team is super professional, efficient, and friendly. His attention to detail is matched by none – from the moment you walk in – to the time you leave, you know you are in great hands. I am an adult patient and have been with Straffon Orthodotics for 2 years now. I have never had to wait and always received top quality treatment. All my questions were answered and my smile has changed significantly! Excellent work by the team, and even more important and impressive is the process and care that exists here. It is one of the most efficient and productive team environments I have ever witnessed – and they all work with smiles and they make a point to all know your name – just another detail they will not overlook.

Thank you Dr Straffon!!! *
-Michael W.

Both of our children have had braces with Dr Straffon and his team. We can’t say enough great things about them. Dr Straffon is great– he offers exceptional care with a highly trained expert team. They are always professional yet gentle and kind to our kids. I love the open office– you can stay with your child or wait in the reception area– but you can hear and see what is going on all the time. Today was our final check for our youngest— I am sad to say good bye! Go to Straffon– they are wonderful!! *
-Chris S.

Dr. Straffon & his staff are very caring and excel in their field. As an adult orthodontic patient, I felt respected and valued. They went above and beyond my expectations, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. *
-Brooke B.

Fantastic experience! Dr. Straffon and staff are the best. My entire family are patients and have been very pleased with the outcome. The staff is super friendly and I leave every appointment with a smile. Highly recommend. *
-Kelley A.

My experience was amazing from start to finish. Dr. Straffon is very precise and has an eye for detail. I moved to Chicago about 6 months after I got my braces on and I didn’t want to have any other orthodontist so I flew back for the rest of my appointments. Dr. Straffon was so accommodating and worked with me every step of the way. My results were phenomenal and I recommend him to everyone. *
-Laura G.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I got my braces off today and I absolutely love my smile. Dr. Straffon and his staff were extremely helpful and friendly throughout this journey. Many thanks to everyone of them 🙂 *
-Deemah A.

Dr. Straffon and his staff are absolutely the best. I had to go into braces a couple of years ago. I originally started the treatment in CA to correct my bite due to clinching. I transferred to CO and honestly just wanted them off. Dr. Straffon asked me to trust in him and he would fix my bite but also give me a great smile. I got it and more than I ever expected. Absolutely the best office ever. *
-Garin L.

What can I say other than Dr. Straffon and staff are just downright wonderful. From day one they have been upfront with what was needed, what was going to be done, the duration of the process and what to expect such as pain levels and/or discomfort levels. Everyone in this office is genuinely interested in your comfort and wellb, they are extremely accommodating if anything does not feel right. I’m in the last phase of my orthodonic procedure and I am truly going to miss these wonderful people because I have really enjoyed our conversations our sharing of thoughts and laughter. I highly recommend anyone needing orthodonic work to take a look at Dr. Straffon, you will not be disappointed. *
-Elizabeth T.

I just completed Invisalign with Dr. Straffon, and had a great experience with an end result that far exceeded my expectations! I would highly recommend Dr. Straffon to anyone who values clinical expertise, the patient experience, professionalism, and quality in the selection of a healthcare provider. Dr. Straffon and his team care very genuinely about their patients and it shows through their quality of care from beginning to end! *
-Rachel K.

I am in my early 40s and was very hesitant to go back into braces. I have grinding issues, especially at night and my teeth were wearing away. I had spoken to prosthodontists who wanted to do whole mouth replacements (all your teeth are crowned) for tens of thousands of dollars. Instead, Dr. Straffon and my primary Dentist coordinated my treatment plan and after about 18 months in braces my bite is perfect, my cross bite is gone and my smile couldn’t look better. Instead of replacing every tooth in my mouth we put veneers on six teeth up top and two teeth (k9s) below. A much more cost effective approach and an incredible outcome makes me smile even more when I see my very natural looking, perfectly balanced teeth.

My recommendation to others is to spend time doing your research. Look at all your options and do your homework. Before we started any dental work, Dr. Straffon explained the entire process and provided me with a model of the end state of my mouth. He knew the details of where we were going and exactly how to get there. That gave me the confidence to move forward and I never second guessed his approach. I couldn’t be happier with the results. If you’re going to use insurance to pay for some of the orthodontia make sure you do all the work up front to understand what is covered and exactly how to submit your claims. I myself had to walk through this process and its the patients’ responsibility to ensure the billing is submitted correctly as per your insurance providers requirements. *
-Matt D.

Dr. Straffon is an attentive orthodontist and individual. He is incredibly talented and committed to getting my children’s smiles perfect. He treats my children with care, compassion and respect, he remembers and knows what is going on in our family. He is interested and concerned. His office staff goes out of their way to make sure we are comfortable and when we have issues with appointment times they do everything they can to work it out. Everyone is always happy and smiling. I would highly recommend Dr. Straffon and his team. *
-Chaya M.

Dr. Straffon enjoys the challenge of maximizing everyone’s potential for a dynamic smile. He is very precise in his work and enjoys teaching his staff along the way. I encourage anyone who has always wanted a better smile to make a visit and take the time to meet him and his staff. Braces are not just for teens, many adults are receiving his assistance also! *
-Deb C.

Dr. Straffon changed my smile in a way no one else could have! I was told by two other orthodontists I should have jaw surgery and braces. He was able to correct my underbite and straighten my teeth beautifully in less than 2 years. He is caring, very talented, and meticulous which is what I wanted in an orthodontist. My only regret is not having done this sooner! Dr. Straffon and his staff are not only very professional and caring, they are tons of fun to be around! It says a lot to me about a practice when the team is laughing, and smiling. You won’t be disappointed in this practice. *
-MaryAnn S.

Dr. Straffon and his talented staff are the absolute BEST! I just completed my 20 month course of treatment and my smile is beautiful! This team makes you comfortable from the first visit until the last, and always makes you feel like you are the only patient, because they care about you. I would recommend them without any hesitation, and promise you will not be disappointed. I am 50 years old and had no idea this treatment could make such a difference, but it did! Dr. Straffon is very progressive and uses the latest, greatest methods (Damon brackets, as well as other techniques), based on the individual needs of the patient. I was very involved in making the decisions as we progressed through my treatment. I could not be happier! Straffon Orthodontics is worth 10 stars, but I only had the option to pick 5! *
-Laura B.

My daughter started going to Straffon Orthodontics a little more than 2 years ago and the treatment that she has gotten from Dr. Straffon has been amazing. She went in initially to work on her bite, ended up with spacers, then a expander, to the retainer and now were at in Phase II which are braces. She is always treated like she is the only patient although the have a lot of patients in their office and is treat with high priority. I highly recommend this orthodontics office. *
-Jamie M.

I put off fixing my teeth for more than 5 decades and then I visited Straffon Orthodontics on the recommendation of my dentist. I was immediately impressed with the staff and Dr. Derek Straffon. They are all very personable, professional, and caring. By the end of the initial consultation I was convinced that it was now time to correct my smile. The next 18 months with the braces seem to fly by. The staff always made me feel welcomed and, although I felt like the “big Kid” in the room with the younger folks in for treatment, I was treated with good humor and great respect. My smile is now perfect and I owe it to Derek and every wonderful member of his staff. Thank you very much! *
-Bill B.

Look no further – compassion, caring and great communication, with very positive results, are the hallmark of Dr. S and his team. Wonderful with kids, but also with this older adult. Uses all the “latest and greatest” technologies available. *
-Robin K.

I, and several of my children, have had the pleasure to have received stellar care from both Dr. Straffon and his staff over the past 5 years. They are warm, highly competent, and attentive to important details. One feels important and part of the family here. I recommend them highly. *
-Yvonne W.

It is official, my 3 girls are now out of braces. It is very bitter sweet as we have become accustomed to seeing Dr. Straffon and his staff 2 times a month for what seems as almost forever, just about 6 years. Wow! They all have amazing smiles, and we thank you for doing such a fantastic job! My youngest today, came into get her braces off, and with Dr. Straffon’s quick thinking, he was able to take an opportunity in not taking them off with major disappointment to my daughter and made her day with a quick temporary fix and remove the braces. I am sure social media is plastered with her smiles! Thank you Straffon Orthodontics and Staff, we love you! The Inhelder Family. *
-Andy I.

I had been needing braces for awhile, not just because I wanted straight teeth, but also because of health concerns, apparently my jaw had not formed correctly and it was recommended that I also have double jaw surgery in order to have the best results. From the first day I met Dr. Straffon and his staff, they have been my own personal cheerleaders for my 22 month journey to straight perfect teeth. As a jaw surgery patient, they were always compassionate with my healing process as it took quite awhile to be able to do many things that are taken for granted ( I had to relearn how to chew again- that was awkward). Everyone on his staff is awesome, they really make the effort to get to know you and they always try to make being a metal mouth fun. Tina is just great- every time I went in she gave me a big hug, I just love her! I just got my braces off yesterday and I couldn’t be happier with the results- I almost didn’t recognize myself! I cannot thank Dr. Straffon and his team (especially Tina!) enough for helping me obtain something I thought was out of reach. Thank you, thank you!! *
-Lauren A.

Thank you, Dr. Straffon. My wife and I love my new smile. You and your staff have been extremely friendly, helpful, and informative throughout the entire process. As a busy professional, I greatly appreciate the care, attention, comfort and expediency of my treatment. *
-Michael W.

After years and years of improper and unsatisfactory dental work of misaligned teeth, bad bite, past dental work falling apart, I finally made a decision to start the huge project. I had just taken a new job in Denver in 2103 and after the referral by a fellow employee that was fitted for years with Damon Brackets, I thought I need to start looking for an orthodontist.

I did not know where to start and googled Damon Brackets and the first Orthodontist that appeared was Straffon Orthodontics. The next day I called and told them I was interested to see what they could do and Lisa promptly scheduled an appointment. I made the trip in a few days sat down with Dr. Derek Straffon and his assistant Lisa and they evaluated my scenario and they said “Yes we can get you a new smile at then 56 years of age”… Dr Straffon stated laying the ground work and the greatest thing about this project was the “team approach” by his team mate Dr. Eric D’Hondt. So I was booked an appointement at Greenwood Dental and they started taking me apart. The next trip was to Straffon Dental and to start the Damon Bracket procedure and start moving all these improperly aligned teeth around. After months and months of appointments and adjusting and tweaking as progress was being made. The time went quickly and both offices and staff are so Professional, Friendly and accommodating for my project which was one of the hardest procedures they have incurred.
Around August 2015 the project was almost complete with Greenwood Dental putting me back together.
I have to mention, the main ingredient of the Team Approach and how this all came together and I do not think it would have happened without an Orthodontist and a General Dentist so in tune with my extensive work.

I could not be happier at 59 years of age. …… Thanks Straffon Dental. *
-Dave H.

Dr. Straffon is a very talented orthodontist, a kind of Picasso if you will. The office staff and back office staff are all very knowledgable, helpful, and are very willing to answer any and every question. The office is characterized by a caring compassion and genuine concern for all of their patients. I can say I am more than pleased and happy with the results of my treatment. Thank You Straffon Orthodontics for a brand new beautiful smile! *
– Doniese M.

The Straffon Orthodontics experience was nothing but extraordinary and friendly. After 22 months of wearing braces I made it to the day that seemed like it would never be upon us, braces removal day. It was only fitting that Tina removed the braces as she was the one who put them on. After driving to the office having smiled the entire drive, I was met with the let us see the smile request from coworkers. The first compliment was “my goodness they gave you an absolutely beautiful perfect smile.” How could I not smile bigger after hearing that. The next compliment was being asked “if I could just sit in my coworkers office and just smile all day?” After displaying my new smile I said good bye and smiled but was without showing the teeth, I was told “oh no you cannot smile like that anymore, let’s see those pearly whites.” I could not be more excited with the end result and my experience at Straffon Orthodontics. I would recommend Dr. Straffon and his friendly encourageing team. *
-David M.

Highly, highly recommend Dr. Derek Straffon and all the staff at Straffon Orthodontics for your families orthodontic care. All three of our sons have greatly benefited from personalized and individualized care plans delivered in a very patient (and parent) friendly environment. *
-Marty M.

Derek Straffon and his team are the best! They are relentless in their search for perfection with your dental goals. Very flexible with scheduling and very professional with both the back-office and services delivered. I highly recommend to anyone looking for an Orthodontist. *
-Anthony P.

Dr. Straffon had a plan, stuck to it, and made it happen! Many other orthodontists told me I’d have to get jaw surgery then braces, but Dr. Straffon had confidence he could align my jaw without surgery. Sold! I committed two years and got my braces off in 1.5 years. A great Christmas present to have my braces removed earlier than I planned! *
-Stephanie K.

*The reviews on this page are from actual patients of Straffon Orthodontics. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.

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